Gravitational Wave Physics & Astronomy Workshop

GWPAW 2012

From 4 June, 2012 to 7 June, 2012

GWPAW is an annual open workshop (formerly called GWDAW) on the physics and astronomy of gravitational waves, techniques for their detection, and interpretation of data and results.

The next generation of gravitational-wave detectors will begin observations around 2015 or 2016. Some of the key questions of interest are: how do we combine gravitational-wave, electromagnetic, and particle observations of transient astrophysical events? What can we learn about compact objects through multi-messenger observations and simulations? How can we use gravitational-wave observations to address open questions in cosmology? How can gravitational-wave observations address fundamental questions of physics? What observational gaps need to be filled in order to maximize the science related to gravitational-wave observations? What new computational methods and technology will be available to increase the sensitivity of the searches.

The meeting will be hosted by AEI Hannover, but held at the Novotel here: Information can be found at the accommodation page.

On Friday, June 8th, there will be an all-day satellite meeting "GW New Horizons" hosted at AEI.