Gravitational Wave Physics & Astronomy Workshop

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GWPAW2012 Program

Mon, June 4th

Tue, June 5th

Wed, June 6th

Thu, June 7th

Friday, June 8th

8:00: Registration open 04:30-07:00: Venus transit observation (cf. local announcement)
09:00 - 10:30

Welcome - Bruce Allen, AEI (8:50 - 9:00)

Observational Instruments

(Chair: Fulvio Ricci)

Einstein Telescope - Chris van den Broeck, NIKHEF (30+10)


Effect of the higher harmonics to the source localization accuracy by the network of ground based detectors - Hideyuki Tagoshi, Osaka U. (20+5)


Improving gravitational-wave searches by using multivariate classifiers to incorporate auxiliary channel information - Kari Hodge, Caltech (20+5)




Continuous-Wave Searches

(Chair: Maria Alessandra Papa)

Noise line investigations in Virgo VSR2-VSR4 data - Alberto Colla, U. Roma Sapienza (20+5)


Einstein@Home all-sky search for periodic gravitational waves in LIGO S5 data - Paola Leaci, AEI (20+5)


Mesh adaptive direct search for continuous gravitational waves in small parameter space: follow-up of Einstein@Home candidates - Miroslav Shaltev, AEI (20+5)


Phase-parameter marginalization: a new paradigm for continuous gravitational-wave searches? - Reinhard Prix, AEI (20+5)

Testing GR

(Chair: Patrick Brady)

Testing Gravitational Theories with Pulsar Timing - Rene Breton, U. Southampton (30+10)


Test of scalar-tensor gravity theory from observations of gravitational wave bursts with advanced detector network - Kazuhiro Hayama, NAOJ (20+5)


Understanding black hole rainbows - Ioannis Kamaretsos, Cardiff U. (20+5)


all day meeting at AEI (not the hotel):

GW New Horizons

(note: this is not part of the GWPAW meeting)

10:30 - 11:00 Coffee/Tea Coffee/Tea Coffee/Tea Coffee/Tea
11:00 - 12:30

Src Modeling and Data Analysis

(Chair: Duncan Brown)

Numerical relativity and the modeling of GW signals - Harald Pfeiffer, CITA (30+10)


Waveforms emitted by spinning and/or eccentric binary systems with closed or open orbits - Mátyás Vasúth, Wigner RCP, RMKI (20+5)


TIGER: A data analysis pipeline for testing general relativity using compact binary coalescence, Tjonnie Li (20+5)


Galactic Neutron Stars

(Chair: Ben Owen)

Neutron star population in the galaxy - David Kaplan, UWM (30+10)


Search for unknown nearby neutron stars and gravitational wave sources - János Schmidt, Jena (20+5)


Tuning up for Gravitational Wave Detection in Accreting Neutron Stars: A progress report - Duncan Galloway, Monash (20+5)

Detecting and setting upper limits on continuous gravitational waves from unknown spinning neutron stars in binary systems - Evan Goetz, AEI (20+5)


Impact of noise canceling by regression on searches for continuous gravitational waves - Marco Drago, Trento U. & INFN Padova (20+5)


Stochastic GW Background and Supermassive BHs

(Chair: Albert Lazzarini)

CMB weak-lensing constraints on the stochastic GW background - Tarun Souradeep, IUCAA (20+5)


Multi-Messenger (G-rays)

(Chair: Laura Cadonati)

Searches for GWs from GRBs - Michal Was, LAL U. Paris-Sud (30+10)


Discovery of radio-quiet gamma-ray pulsars in Fermi-LAT data using new methods inspired from gravitational-wave searches - Holger Pletsch, AEI (20+5)


The Black Hole Remnant and the Afterglow of Compact Binary Mergers - Francesco Pannarale, AEI-Golm (20+5)

12:30 - 14:00
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00 - 15:30

What Waveforms do Data Analysts Want?, or the dangers of systematic errors in parameter estimation - Ilya Mandel, U. Birmingham (20+5)


Between Fisher and Monte Carlo: mapping the distribution of the maximum-likelihood estimator in gravitational-wave observations - Michele Vallisneri, JPL (20+5)


EM Follow-Up

(Chair: Benoit Mours)

Electromagnetic follow-ups of GW events - Alessandra Corsi, Caltech (30+10)

Gravitational Wave Emission from Pulsars with Glitches - Jinho Kim, Seoul U. (20+5)


NS and BH Mergers

(Chair: Chad Finley)

The Big Dog "GW event" - Stephen Fairhurst, Cardiff U. (30+10)


DCO merger rates: consequences of recent developments in stellar evolution - Michal Dominik, U. of Warsaw (20+5)

Pulsar Timing Arrays - Joris Verbiest, MPIfR (30+10)


Resolving multiple massive black hole binaries with pulsar timing arrays - Alberto Sesana, AEI Potsdam (20+5)


Pulsar Timing Array mock data challenge: setup and analysis - Rutger van Haasteren, AEI (20+5)

Multi-Messenger (Neutrinos)

(Chair: Nobuyuki Kanda)

Recent Icecube results; implications of non-detection of high energy neutrinos from GRBs - Nathan Whitehorn, UWM (30+10)


Multi-messenger astronomy: first joint analysis between gravitational waves and high energy neutrinos - Irene Di Palma, AEI (20+5)


Stellar Core Collapse

(Chair: Peter Shawhan)

Optical, X, gamma, neutrino follow-ups of KAGRA candidate GW sources - Nobuyuki Kawai, Tokyo IT (30+10)

15:30 - 16:00 Coffee/Tea Coffee/Tea Coffee/Tea Coffee/Tea
16:00 - 17:30

Low-latency GW searches and EM follow-ups - Jonah Kanner, GSFC (30+10)


Swift follow-up observations of candidate gravitational-wave transient events - E Katsavounidis, MIT (20+5)


Optimal detector networks for sky localization and amplitude reconstruction of transient gravitational waves - Sergey Klimenko, U. Florida (20+5)

Unmodeled searches for intermediate mass black holes with first and second generation detectors - Giulio Mazzolo, AEI (20+5)



(Chair: Marie Anne Bizouard)

Measuring the Hubble constant with gravitational waves - Daniel Holz, U. Chicago (30+10)


Measuring cosmological inhomogeneities with gravitational-wave standard sirens - Atsushi Nishizawa, Kyoto U. (20+5)

Multi-Messenger (Radio)

(Chair: Jason Hessels)

Radio transients: looking for counterparts of GW events - Rob Fender, U. Southampton (30+10)


Search for Radio Transients with MWA and ASKAP - Duncan Galloway, Monash (20+5)


Session ends 17:05

The Gravitational Wave and Neutrino Signatures of Stellar Core Collapse - Christian Reisswig, Caltech (20+5)


Results from all-sky search for Gravitational-wave Bursts with first generation interferometric detectors - Francesco Salemi, AEI (20+5)

evening GEO tour (cf. local announcement)

Conference Dinner

Buses leave hotel 17:45