Gravitational Wave Physics & Astronomy Workshop

Social Events

The following social events are currently planned:

  • On Monday, June 4th, a tour of the GEO detector is scheduled. A bus (about 50 seats) will depart at around 17:45 in front of the hotel. After a 30 minute drive to the detector, the group will be divided into smaller ones for the guided tours. Due to limited space not all groups will be able to participate in the tours at the same time. Local guides will organize the details. The bus should be back at the hotel before 22:00.
  • (CANCELED due to weather) A trip to the Hannover Observatory in Linden to watch the transit of Venus will be organized for the (very early!) morning of June 6th, see We will announce on Tuesday afternoon if the observation will take place or if it will be skipped due to possibly very cloudy skies. If it took place, we would offer a bus ride from the hotel starting around 4:30 in the morning going to the observatory. The bus would then return back to the hotel after the transit is over, possibly around 7:30-8:00.
  • A conference dinner is planned for the evening of Wednesday, June 6th. It will take place at the AEI and will be a "relaxed/relaxing" BBQ. (If the weather is nice, the AEI is a pleasant ~30-minute walk from the hotel.) During the dinner, we will arrange for tours of the AEI, GEO prototype, eLISA and the Atlas computing cluster. Two buses will depart from the hotel at 17:45 ad then driver over the the institute. Later that evening for those who do not want to walk back or go somewhere else (e.g. beer garden), the first bus will probably head back to the hotel around 21:00 with the second one following 45-60 minutes later. Prior to departure, we will announce the imminent departure.